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What are the benefits of google my business?

It's great to have a company website but one of the biggest challenges of a small business is getting noticed. Unless your websites SEO is top-notch and your site already has authority,

or the traffic to gain authority, many websites just sit there unfound and unseen by the customers who search for your services.

It's a competitive world and a very fast one to boot. Potential customers want speed and to find what they need quickly, they will make a fast choice based on the first few sites that appear.

Hence the ad business online is huge!

Have you ever searched for something online and noticed that the top links always are marked as [Ad]?

Google My Business is powerfully simple in the way it shows potential customers the service they are searching for listed near the top of the page, your listing shows consumers your contact details right off the bat and also can be linked to your website, sending customers straight to your site for them to decide if you are the company for them.

The order of the list can be tricky to work out, but by optimizing your GMB listing you can start to rank higher in the list and also look better to consumers searching for your goods and services.

Ranking higher in the listing does help, but don't get bogged down in thinking you need to be at the top of the list to benefit. Customers do not always choose the top company in the listing, they make their decisions on the listings as a whole and the information that is available. And of this information, photos of your products and completed work are one of the most important things to add.

"a picture speaks a thousand words" which is why Google has decided to make photos a huge percentage of your ranking ability.

Not sold on the power of GMB yet? contact us, we can answer any questions you may have.


During the setup of the listing and website, we require information from you but we will try to gain all we need from you in the initial discussions to reduce the loss of time to both parties.

Any existing text, ads, business listings, websites, and social media page links would be helpful to us so that we can learn more about your business and help you as best as we can and also any digital files of logos and images you would like us to include when creating your listing or website.


Once all of our work is complete some time is required for Google and other search engines to index and update backend data and images, sometimes items such as review do take time to show due to internet policies such as checking images and text are safe for the general public but they will appear after a short time.

As part of the setup and optimization as described above in the process section, we do add your details to other free business listings, you may receive calls from companies asking if you would like to take advantage of their paid services, this is a decision for you to make and is in no way connected our services if you do wish to opt-in or pay for any additional services provided by these companies then just politely refuse and ask them not to contact you again and advise them you only wish to use the free part of their listing services.

We will maintain our services and are contactable during agreed work and up to one month after for any advice required by you; we are here for you and here to help.


Just keep up the good work, keep taking and uploading photos of your work, and keep asking customers for reviews, they love what you do and most customers are more than happy to leave a review, you just have to remember to ask.

Both photos and reviews add massively to your rank and your online image. Showing everyone what you do, what you’ve been doing lately are great ways to not only keep the buzz and momentum going but it is also rewarded by Google.


A website requires a yearly hosting fee, this fee is advised on our pricelist under the website section, the fee is required 4 months before the renewal date each year, you will be reminded when the payment is required and will have the option to cancel any hosting and domain at any time but no refunds will be given for cancelling earlier than the renewal date, your website and domain will continue until the end date.

It is your right at any time to request ownership of your google my business and or website and we are happy to transfer this right to you, we would also be happy to stay on as a manager at an agreed low-cost fee. Please note there may be a small cost to transfer your website and domain, the cost is not decided by us, but we do charge a small fee to cover our cost in regard to the time it takes to do.